Transaction Detail and Pagination

Detail levels

Transaction objects are returned by multiple methods, in varying levels of detail. The API will give you less detail by default, and you can add URL params to increase the detail level. In general:

Be warned that just requesting ?showtxnio=1 every time will considerably slow down the response time of the API and increase the amount of data you'll receive in each API call. Only turn these options on when you're sure you need the additional information.

Note Transaction return by Address functions have a special set of extra info to that reflects the relationship between the Transaction and the Address.


see Transaction object for more information.


Address methods that return Transactions also support Pagination. Use ?records=100 to return Transactions in batches of 100 Use $skip=100 to paginate between batches. Note that this is an offset

So, return the first 100 results ?=records=100

Return records 101-200 ?records=100&skip=100

Return records 201-300 ?records=100&skip=200

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