Request Object

Each sucessfull reqest made to the API returns a Request Object. It provides details about the request made to the API, the parameters used by the Blockstrap API and other request properties. It can be used to debug requests that are returning 'strange' results and to verify that options passed into the API are correctly interpreted.

Example Output

"_request": {
        "disclaimer_message": "Usage of this API is subject to our disclaimer and Terms and Conditions. Continued usage indicates your acceptance of these terms.",
        "disclaimer_url": "http:\/\/\/disclaimer.html",
        "request_uuid": "e0bb7d88-201e-42f9-b663-150107b3d179",
        "request_time": 68,
        "request_uri": "\/v0\/btc\/addressTransactions\/1GPCsaSYwH6jcUf3BmgqXD6G5q1ZxJ3gUK?prettyprint=1",
        "request_method": "GET",
        "method_name": "addressTransactions",
        "method_cost": 2,
        "options": {
            "showtxn": false,
            "showtxnio": false,
            "records": 500,
            "skip": 0,
            "currency": "USD",
            "prettyprint": true
        "chain": {
            "code": "BTC",
            "height": 326100


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