You do not need to manually include CSS within the HTML as styles are dyanmically added to the header by Blockstrap based upon the css: [] options in configuration. Simply add or remove items in the options array to modify the stylesheets that are added to the page. By default, the following should be included:

    css: [

By default, we have a compiled version (/blockstrap/css/less.css) of our LESS.css files that we use in production. When we want to make edits we simply add the ?less=true parameter to the root URL of our application or update the configuration options to less: true. This then intiates the less.js functionality and read the less files and inserts the rendered output into the DOM, where we can manually copy and paste the contents back into our less.css file for production.

We include Font Awesome because it is awesome.

The theme.css file is auto-included should the active theme have one.

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