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Developer-friendly blockchain API for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and DashPay + testnets

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Blockstrap’s API makes it easy for developers to quickly and confidently build applications, perform transactions, and store data in the blockchain for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and DashPay. We also support their corresponding testnets and provide faucets that can be used to generate free test-coins - ideal for the development process before taking your new application live.

The Blockstrap API operates as a simple RESTful JSON API that can be accessed via or

If you need any help with your implementation or have requests for features, please reach out to us at [email protected]. By requesting an API key you'll automatically be kept up to date on new features and changes as they are rolled out.

We also provide SDKs for PHP and Ruby with more languages to be added soon.

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Developer Friendly

No string representations of floats - just dependable data delivered in a simple JSON array

Mulitple Values

Values can be returned in satoshis, full coins, and in a choice of over 190 different fiat currencies

Scaleable Service

We can power the smallest app or the largest op. For enterprise level support please contact us.

Market Conditions

Get the latest price, number of transactions, daily amounts, and more in a single API request

DN_Key Support

Replace bitcoin addresses with self-managed usernames via public DNS text records -


Encode extra data onto the blockchain as simple strings or formatted JSON arrays

Anonymous Usage

Get low-level access to our API without the need to register your details with us

Multiple SDK's

Abstracted access to our API via fully documented PHP and Ruby modules with more coming soon


supported chains

Chain CODE
Bitcoin btc
Bitcoin Testnet btct
Dogecoin doge
Dogecoin Testnet dogt
Litecoin ltc
Litecoin Testnet ltct
DashPay dash
DashPay Testnet dasht

example calls

Method URL Notes
Block<CHN>/block/id/<BLOCKHASH> None
Block Latest<CHN>/block/latest None
Blocks Latest<CHN>/block/latest/<INT_COUNT> Max 10
Block Height<CHN>/block/height/<INT_HEIGHT> None
Transaction<CHN>/transaction/id/<TXN_ID> None
Transaction Decode<CHN>/transaction/decode/<TXN_HEX> None
Transaction Relay<CHN>/transaction/relay/<TXN_Relay> None
Address<CHN>/address/id/<ADDRESS> None
Addresses<CHN>/address/ids/<ADDRESS>,<ADDRESS> None
Address Transactions<CHN>/address/transactions/<ADDRESS> None
Address Unspents<CHN>/address/unspents/<ADDRESS> None

  • Example API Call:

    Expected JSON Results:

        "status": "success",
        "data": {
            "address": {
                "address_hash160": "0030ececbad05ffcdff89f3f26e38ca3d735a8de",
                "address": "1121cQLqCsDsLPAkJW5ddTCREZ7Bp4ufrk",
                "outputs_count_confirmed": 1,
                "outputs_value_confirmed": 5000000000,
                "inputs_count_confirmed": 1,
                "inputs_value_confirmed": 5000000000,
                "transaction_count_confirmed": 1,
                "outputs_count_unconfirmed": 0,
                "outputs_value_unconfirmed": 0,
                "inputs_count_unconfirmed": 0,
                "inputs_value_unconfirmed": 0,
                "transaction_count_unconfirmed": 0,
                "outputs_count_total": 1,
                "inputs_count_total": 1,
                "inout_count_total": 2,
                "transaction_count_total": 1,
                "outputs_value_total": 5000000000,
                "outputs_value_total_fiat_now": "20,152.00",
                "outputs_value_total_disp": "50.00000000",
                "inputs_value_total": 5000000000,
                "inputs_value_total_fiat_now": "20,152.00",
                "inputs_value_total_disp": "50.00000000",
                "inout_value_total": 10000000000,
                "inout_value_total_fiat_now": "40,304.00",
                "inout_value_total_disp": "100.00000000",
                "balance": 0,
                "balance_fiat_now": "0.00",
                "balance_disp": "0.00000000",
                "balance_confirmations_required": 0
Waiting for Query ID. Try the following Bitcoin address 1JsoyFgFugGRRY7qkPGTHaKVQpeqf67VVb.