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framework & API for building Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, & DashPay apps

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this is a beta product for a beta protocol - you should probably read our disclaimer

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multiple blockchains

build apps for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, DashPay & their testnets

open source

all of our framework is available to view and download for free via GitHub

easily extendible

create your app using our stack of HTML5 components & API calls

fully documented

for your ease and convenience while navigating the stack

your app

blockstrap supports your application by providing either detailed blockchain data via our API, an open source wallet framework to build upon, or both combined!

you don't have to use the whole stack, just take whatever components you need to get building. we've even created some example apps to help you get started!

See Example Apps

HTML5 framework

  • designed for developers

    ships as a jQuery plugin with a full-suite of JSON-driven front-end HTML5 components

  • wallet included

    all of the components put together form an extensible deterministic HTML5 wallet

  • easily extendible

    with hooks and filters at core we are the only wallet framework with themes & plugins

  • Demo Docs Download

blockstrap API

  • fast

    our REST-based API ranks highly on returning data from the blockchains

  • consistent

    delivers dependable blockchain data in a developer friendly format every time

  • dedicated

    dedicated instances available for enterprise customers and high-use apps

  • detailed

    our API returns more additional meta data to help you build more intelligent apps

  • real world values

    values are returned in satoshis, full coins, or a choice of over 165 fiat currencies

  • no trust needed

    no functions require you to reveal private keys with all data available via https

  • Docs Get API Key
  • Example API Call:

    Expected JSON Results:

        "status": "success",
        "data": {
            "address": {
                "address_hash160": "0030ececbad05ffcdff89f3f26e38ca3d735a8de",
                "address": "1121cQLqCsDsLPAkJW5ddTCREZ7Bp4ufrk",
                "outputs_count_confirmed": 1,
                "outputs_value_confirmed": 5000000000,
                "inputs_count_confirmed": 1,
                "inputs_value_confirmed": 5000000000,
                "transaction_count_confirmed": 1,
                "outputs_count_unconfirmed": 0,
                "outputs_value_unconfirmed": 0,
                "inputs_count_unconfirmed": 0,
                "inputs_value_unconfirmed": 0,
                "transaction_count_unconfirmed": 0,
                "outputs_count_total": 1,
                "inputs_count_total": 1,
                "inout_count_total": 2,
                "transaction_count_total": 1,
                "outputs_value_total": 5000000000,
                "outputs_value_total_fiat_now": "20,152.00",
                "outputs_value_total_disp": "50.00000000",
                "inputs_value_total": 5000000000,
                "inputs_value_total_fiat_now": "20,152.00",
                "inputs_value_total_disp": "50.00000000",
                "inout_value_total": 10000000000,
                "inout_value_total_fiat_now": "40,304.00",
                "inout_value_total_disp": "100.00000000",
                "balance": 0,
                "balance_fiat_now": "0.00",
                "balance_disp": "0.00000000",
                "balance_confirmations_required": 0

  • more blockchains coming soon

the blockchains

  • the ‘blockchain’ is one of the biggest technological breakthroughs of our time. it’s also been the death of many a project and startup who soon discovered that building around blockchains can become very complicated, very quickly. at blockstrap we're working hard to lower the technical barrier of entry for blockchain developers - making it easier for you to focus on your application and not its implementation.


    search a blockchain below using our open source block explorer

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