Explorer Installation

After having downloaded the explorer, you will see that the ZIP file contains a htdocs folder, from within which you should point the root of your domain. It is also in this folder (before htdocs) that you should add your configuration file.

You should see config.ini.sample in your downloads. Rename this to config.ini or create a new file that includes these settings:

service = http://api.blockstrap.com
version = v0
default = btc
btc = Bitcoin
ltc = Litecoin
doge = Dogecoin
btct = BTC Testnet
ltct = LTC Testnet
dogt = DOGE Testnet

Please note that the api > default setting indicates which blockchain to show on the homepage.

You can add or remove (supported) blockchains via the chains list.

Please note that at this stage, this application will only work using the Blockstrap API and has yet been designed for API-neutrality.

For an API neutral solution, you should explore our Framework.

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