Wallet Contacts

Contacts can be accessed from any application that includes the $.fn.blockstrap.contacts module.

By utilizing this module, the wallet is able to create and manage contacts.

When first creating a new contacts called Blockstrap Donations, information such as the following is added to localStorage:

    id: "blockstrap_donations",
    name: "Blockstrap Donations",
    blockchains: [
            code: "btc",
            blockchain: "Bitcoin",
            addresses: [
                    key: "13uXA8zfLjsnrg69f6FcHVRfwBGobYU3bc"
    data: {
        contacts_dnk: false
    tx_to: 0,
    tx_from: 0

Please note that the id field is auto-generated base dupon the name.

The blockchain selection is a parameter of the function and should only allow those supported via configuration. Verified addresses can be added to each blockchain. Although the Blockstrap data structure is set-up for multiple addresses within multiple blockchains, the current UX implementation with the default wallet only allows each contact to use a single blockchain / address, unless you are importing contact addresses using the DNKey specifications as supported by the Blockstrap API.

The data field allows you to assign arbitary information to contacts, such as email addresses or DNKs.

The tx_to and tx_from fields are not yet supported.

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