Styles Module

Styles Functions & Variables

The Styles Module features the following functions:

styles.element(key) - back to top

This function returns an HTML reference based upon by using the key.

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This function returns the results from $[key].

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styles.rule(key, value) - back to top

This function uses the key and value to create a valid CSS rule to be used by Javascript with styles.set.

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styles.set(id, index) - back to top

This function is used to apply the styles settings (as configured) to the DOM. The sample configuration included by default is as follows:

    "styles": {
        "vars": {
            "content_bg": "#DDD",
            "header_bg": "#475862"
        "elements": {
            "content_bg": "#main-content",
            "header_bg": "header"
        "rules": {
            "content_bg": "background",
            "header_bg": "background"

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